August 5, 2021

Are digital products the sustainable future?

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Digital fashion house The Fabricant and footwear brand Buffalo London hooked up for a special collaboration: They created a digital-only sneaker “Classic BurningFor” that is a 3D reimagining of Buffalo London’s famous platform-soled footwear, to be worn exclusively in the digital world.

The project was initiated with a desire to enable bold self-expression through fashion, despite the physical limitations of pandemic-enforced lockdowns. At the same time the digital-only shoe is meant to open dialogues, particularly considering sustainability by creating a purely digital item compared to a physical one.

The virtual version of Buffalo London’s fashion classic utilizes 3D’s capacity by using flames as the design material of choice, and by covering the sneakers in a digital fabric that is in perpetual motion.

Digital sneaker by Buffalo London x The Fabricant

Digital sneaker by Buffalo London x The Fabricant

Buyers of the digital sneakers will be automatically directed to the Dress-X platform on, which will digitally dress them in the sneakers based on an image of their choice. The edited image can be shared across social channels, allowing users to show their style without a physical item being worn or physical interactions taking place.

The sneaker comes in two colourways, red and blue, and retails at €24.90 to be digitally dressed in a still image of the shoe and €49.90 to be dressed in a moving image of the flame covered shoe.

The initial drop of the digital sneaker will be a limited edition release of 100 pairs only, sold through Buffalo London’s and Dress-X’s websites.


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