November 27, 2021

Alberto unveils new premium concept for the first time

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The German denim brand Alberto presents its new premium concept for the first time with a newly designed area in the Munich department store Oberpollinger.

Marco Lanowy, managing director of Alberto, says: “In recent weeks we have become aware that the word ‘quality of life’ also means actively preserving and relentlessly optimizing the special values in life.” Instead of putting the new space concept on hold due to the lockdown and the uncertain situation of the retail trade, Alberto’s motto was: Now more than ever.

The walls are made of printed zinc sheet metal

The walls are made of printed zinc sheet metal

The new space concept is simple and clean. The walls of the shop-in-shop area are made of printed zinc sheet metal, framed by filigree strips of galvanized steel. Gold-colored LED light creates a warm atmosphere. The spacious fitting rooms and vestibules with large mirrors are also new.

New fitting rooms

New fitting rooms

The area was designed and implemented by Jochem Reichenberg, who has already designed the concept store in Mönchengladbach. The store served as a blueprint for the premium concept and as an adaptable showcase for further high-end areas, which are to follow at other locations.

Clean and simple

Clean and simple




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