November 27, 2021


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Introduced to the denim industry in 2018, Wiser Wash eliminates pumice stone and hazardous chemicals and bleaches with only 200 ml of water and ozone. As a patented and award-winning process it enables environmentally and human-friendly production by saving a significant amount of water and energy, yet still gives brighter and gorgeous results.

 Wiser Wash 2021 AW Collection

Wiser Wash 2021 AW Collection

More than 56 million liters of water has been saved so far thanks to the unique technique of Wiser Wash. Because it reduces the use of water by 53% in the finishing process. It is even possible to increase this saving up to 92% with waste water treatment systems.

For a tangible impact

The importance of sustainable production for the fashion industry increases day by day. Researches show that 67% of consumers see sustainable production as an important purchasing factor. As such, a new sustainable product or method is introduced to the industry every day.

As a requirement of the “Do Good Together”-philosophy that lies at the center of Wiser projects, it is believed that joining forces with different stakeholders is one of the most effective methods in business growth. It brings significant benefits to all parties and creates a true win-win-situation that boosts resources, such as manpower, skillset, knowledge, equipment, technology, etc. Plus, it extends the environmental and social impact of our Wiser projects on a more global scale.

That’s why Wiser Wash has a bold, ambitious yet effective expansion strategy for all stakeholders. Wiser Wash Turkey facility was the first production partner in line with this strategy. Then Phong Phu International (PPJ) in Vietnam, Arvind in India, and Elleti in Europe joined us. A strong production network with constantly expanding borders was established in this way.

Audited by Control Union

As the borders expand, maintaining the high standards of Wiser Wash became an important issue. This is how Wiser Wash and Control Union, an international and highly prestigious inspection and certification company, came together and developed the Wiser Wash Sustainability Assessment Standards. Wiser Wash Sustainability Assessment Standards focus on chemical management, environmental performance, social responsibility, safety performance, quality management, transparency, etc. While preparing these standards, international benchmarks for identifying and managing environmental and social risks such as IFC and ILO were taken into consideration.

In line with the Wiser Wash Sustainability Assessment Standards, Wiser Wash facilities are audited by Control Union at regular intervals to ensure a standard production. Currently, all Wiser Wash facilities are in the audit process. Audited and certified facilities continue Wiser Wash production rapidly. Wiser Wash Turkey is one of them. It has also started production with WOX (Wiser Ozone-Xperience), a new technology developed by Wiser Tech to take the current potential of Wiser Wash one step further.

AI update in denim bleaching

WOX consists of an ozone drum and generator. Thanks to its AI-based technology, WOX can analyze its processing and identify the possible abnormalities at all stages of the ozone bleaching process, including maintenance requirements. In line with the data obtained from the first productions, WOX shortens the cycle durations by 40% and increases the production capacity of the facility by 66%, which leads the manufacturers to build a better scaling-up strategy.

Wiser aims to help the fashion industry by identifying growth opportunities and to improve current practices through innovation. The constant goal has always been to set and maintain high standards for the industry and make these standards as sustainable as possible. 



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