January 24, 2021

7 Key Pieces for a Cozy Home

2 min read

When it comes to my home, there are a few key pieces that I reach for time and time again.

They are items that truly spark joy and I wanted to share these sometimes overlooked key pieces that I think everyone should have.

Santa Maria Novella

Pot Pourri Sacchetto

This is my house signature scent. I simply cannot get enough of this musky scent that’s produced in Italy. I replenish every few months.

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Jenni Kayne

Alpaca Basketweave Throw

I am a throw blanket junkie. I can’t stop, won’t stop, buying them. My latest favorite is this super duper soft one by Jenni Kayne.

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Amber Interiors

Beige Stone Catchall

There are never enough catchalls in my house and I use them for everything from rubber bands, spare change and our keys by the front door.

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Floor Straw Cushion

I love, love these affordable floor cushions. I use them to sit on when I’m giving June a bath, outside extra seating and around the coffee table when we’re enjoying a cheese plate happy hour. They’re super affordable!

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Cire Trudon

Carmelite Candle

Hands down my favorite candle of all time. It burns slow and matches my potpourri scent really nicely. I buy them in bulk.

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Fferrone Design

Dearborn Wine Glasses

We use these stylish glasses for water on the nightstand and for wine nights. I love a good stemless glass and I’ve had these for years.

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Serena and Lily

Oliana Tray

I’ve been working a lot from the couch and from bed lately on the weekends and this tray makes it so much easier to correct my posture. Plus it’s super cute!

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