August 5, 2021

4th Of July in Texas

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There we so many things to celebrate this weekend in Concan, Texas.

Firstly, the fact that we were even able to travel to Texas for the 4th of July felt amazingly freeing, liberating and joyful. After being so carefully locked up for over a year and a half, to have the opportunity to spend time with all 30 of my family members felt like the greatest gift ever.

We all flocked to the hill country area of Texas that I grew up going to as a little girl to celebrate my grandmother, Meme’s, 90 birthday. We also celebrated my dad’s 15th anniversary of sobriety (Go Dad!).

Between all of the swimming, eating and catching up, June had a blast. She dipped her toes into the Frio River for the first time ever and went nuts over the fireworks we set off on the 4th. It was incredibly to watch her eyes light up.

Minus a pretty chaotic travel experience (insert toddler tantrum here), the trip was definitely one for the record books and we made memories that I will treasure forever.

xoxo jacey


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