November 30, 2021

Solar-Powered Military Timepieces : Timex Expedition North Solar

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American watchmaker Timex has launched the ‘Timex Expedition North Solar’ collection, a range of practical, solar-powered wrist watches delivered in a minimalist military style.

Made to be worn and weathered, the timepieces included in the ‘Timex Expedition North Solar’ collection boast a range of robust and pragmatic features. Thanks to its solar-powered technology, the battery actually charges while the watch is worn outdoors, while its quartz movement ensures durable, long-lasting mechanics. In addition, the watch is equipped with 100 meters of water resistance, sapphire crystal, and a steel case with a sleek matte finish.

The ‘Timex Expedition North Solar’ watches come in two sizes — 41mm or 36mm — and are being offered in a variety of color coatings, as well as bare steel.

Image Credit: Timex Expedition North Solar


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