November 30, 2021

A Class About Sustainable Fashion Resumes

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Out of Fashion, the training course on sustainable fashion organized by Connecting Cultures in partnership with Poli.Design scrl (a division of Milan’s Politecnico), Fondazione Gianfranco Ferré and the support of the Consulate General of the Netherlands, will be back on November 12.

The course is celebrating its seventh edition while offering a new module entirely focused on the theme of recycling and end-of-life materials. As part of its program it will spotlight aspects that range from the need for a systemic approach and partnerships at a district level to the fundamental role of design and circular planning.

The new two-day module on recycling, scheduled for March 11 and 12, 2022, will be held in Prato, at the headquarters of specialized textile recycling companies and at the Polo Universitario Città di Prato, with appearances by expert entrepreneurs, professionals, scholars and journalists from the sector.

Out Of Fashion course image

Out Of Fashion course image

The new module is part of a training project that aims to offer a 360-degree view on the theme of sustainability in fashion, addressed in all its many aspects including new business models, fibers, organic materials, synthetics and environmental sustainability, technological innovations, traceability of the supply chain, corporate responsibility, workers’ rights, communication and consumer relations, and successful case histories.

The themes of the course are proposed in a formula of seven modules of two days each, to be held on Friday and Saturday, for a total of 84 hours. The course will end in May 2022.

Out of Fashion is aimed at professionals, executives, emerging entrepreneurs and young workers in the fashion, textile, accessories and retail sectors coming from functional areas related to product development, design, fashion design, technical planning, public relations, marketing, e-commerce and communication.

Attendance is also open to students and recent graduates who are strongly motivated to deepen the themes of sustainability in their curriculum studies.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to orient themselves in the complex context of sustainability and propose feasible solutions for it.

Together with the online modalities through the Zoom platform, the training program is enriched with in-person modules with lessons, workshops and company visits. Lessons will be recorded and will also be able to be viewed remotely.

Registrations to the course for 2021/2022 will be open until October 31.

Poli.Design knitting course image

Poli.Design knitting course image

The course’s schedule will follow this program:

Module 1 – in presence (November 12-13)

The culture of sustainability: new business models for sustainable development

Module 2 – online (December 10-11)

Sustainability as a process: materials, chemistry and production

Module 3 – online (January 21-22)

Ethics and transparency: a competitive advantage

Module 4 – online (February 18-19)

Design after design

Module 5 – in presence (March 11-12)

Reuse, repair, recycle

Module 6 – in presence (April 8-9)

Made in Italy between heritage and innovation

Module 7 – online (May 6-7)

New languages of sustainable fashion


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